Sunday, October 16, 2011

Talk is Cheap

It used to surprise me when a client would tell me something like: "Wow, it's so unusual that we get a consultant in here who actually knows what he's talking about!".  This is a powerful statement, but unfortunately, it no longer surprises me when I hear it.  In the words of a colleague whom I respect tremendously: "There are an awful lot of hacks out there."  Sadly, this appears to be the case.  The phrase "easier said than done" is a fitting one.  "Talk is cheap" is an even better one.  It seems that in general, there are people who talk about the need to make progress, and then there are people (perhaps like myself) who actually do something and move the state of the art forward.

I hear an awful lot of cyber security rhetoric.  It seems to increase in volume almost daily.  Oddly enough, despite all the talk, I see very little progress week to week, month to month, or year to year.  Talk is cheap.  My challenge to the talking heads out there is to spend less time talking and more time doing.  Give your mouths a break and get your hands dirty making some real changes.  That is the only way to progress.

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