Friday, October 4, 2013


To most analysts, the word process is a scary one that conjures up images of rote, check-box type work.  Although that does sometimes occur, in the Incident Response/Security Operations world, process is extremely important.  Why is this so?  Because in a field where data is so overwhelming, expectations are so high, and resources are so very limited, having an organized, well-structured, well-defined approach to the day-to-day workflow is extremely important.  Organizations that have a well-defined incident response process (at all different levels -- from the highest, strategical level down to the lowest, operational level) generally do much better in incident response than organizations that do not.

A good incident response process can help focus resources (software, hardware, and wetware) and maximize the value they provide.  Process isn't the sexiest of endeavors, but if done properly, it is one of the most productive and value-added.

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