Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Question

When I speak at conferences or in private meetings, I inevitably get "the question" immediately after presenting:

"How do you understand our pain so well?"

The answer is simple -- I lived that pain for over a decade on the operational side before moving over to the vendor side. I've seen what enables, empowers, and facilitates security operations and incident response and what doesn't. I've seen how vendors struggle with fitting their technology into the operational workflow, rather than forcing the operational workflow to fit their technology. I've also seen where vendors typically fall short of the needs of the analysts and incident responders.

All of that pain and experience influence my professional world view, which in turn, results in a better, more operationally useful product. The best vendors I worked with while on the operational side were those that came from an operational background. Those were the vendors that best understood operational issues, gaps, and needs and sought to address them.

If you are working with vendors that don't approach your challenges from the perspective of an operational background, how can you be certain that they will truly understand your pain and deliver solutions that meet your operational needs? I'd suggest that this is something important to think about as you evaluate different technologies. I'm sure you'd prefer that your vendors were educated previously on somebody else's dime, rather than your own.

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