Thursday, March 31, 2011

80-20 Rule

Throughout my career, I've had the utmost respect for the Pareto principle, also referred to colloquially as the 80-20 rule. This principle is a point of frustration for the most experienced network traffic analysts. They can often get 80% of the results they need with a reasonable amount of effort. Achieving the last 20% is often an arduous task, though that last 20% is often the 20% we should be the most concerned about. In other words, the last 20% is often where the most interesting results are, and where the attackers seem to repeatedly eat our lunch.

There are some emerging technologies coming onto the scene now to get the uber analyst closer to that last 20%. At the same time, the broader cyber security community is awakening to the first 80% (in that the awareness of the need for network monitoring is rising). We live in interesting times for sure, and I'm excited to watch the evolution.

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