Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Future

Yesterday, I had the privilege of presenting to the University of Maryland Cyber Security Club. I spoke to them about network monitoring and some of the challenges one encounters when monitoring a real live network. We also discussed some techniques for monitoring a large, enterprise network. The students asked very insightful questions, and it was clear that they were very bright and had a firm grasp on the topic.

I issued the students this challenge: "Seek out, identify, and study the unknown unknowns and turn them into known knowns" (reference an earlier blog post regarding known knowns). I believe that this is the boiled down essence of our obligation as network monitoring professionals/analysts.

The future holds great potential for our field. I am realizing that the onus is on those of us currently in the field to capture the interest and energy of the brightest minds. The network monitoring field and broader cyber security field face many challenges, and in order to conquer them, we will need the best and the brightest.

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